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LMM DJ Annie Star
LMM DJ Annie StarLatin Mix Masters DJ

DJ Annie Star’s love for music began when she was born to parents of Colombian and Peruvian decent who love to throw parties. She was constantly saturated by music typically played during Carnaval time in Barranquilla, Colombia or folk music from Peru. Sounds of salsa and merengue were also heard throughout her home. Still very young, she would be the one who would select the songs and play them on the record player at her parent’s parties. Watching everyone enjoying themselves dancing to the songs she would pick always brought her joy. Till this day she always includes songs from the past in all her sets, keeping the classics alive is important to her. She considers herself an open format DJ and is especially strong in Colombian music and Latin music in general.
Five and a half years ago she was introduced to DJ equipment and this was when her profesional DJ career began. She first started as a mobile DJ and has mixed at corporate events, children’s parties, weddings and other private parties. In addition to djing at these events, her over 10 years of event planning experience has allowed her to assist her clients with other details of their event such as organizing agendas, and the overall flow.
After being a mobile DJ for a while, she decided she wanted to DJ at clubs as well. She landed a temporary residency at a midtown club in NYC in 2017 and the different energy she got from the crowd has left her wanting to learn more of what this side of the industry has to offer. In the many months of working at the club she has met talented DJs that have inspired her to be the best DJ she can be.
She is now humbled to find this group of talented DJs at Latin Mix Masters who are giving her the opportunity to show what she is made of. She looks forward to learning more about this industry and taking her love for DJing to the next level.