LMM DJ Jason

Project Description

DJ JASONLatin Mix Masters DJ

I began my DJ career with a home stereo playing at school parties. Then, I started working at private activities with my cousin Kilin DJ. In 1999 I got a job at Music Zone Plaza las Americas, where I met Angel Martinez whom encouraged and taught me how to become a professional DJ. In January 1999 I got my first DJ equipment. By February I started working on my own at private parties enriching from new experiences. In the end of 2000 I met DJ Richie “Doctor Style” whom introduced me in the trance mixes. We created house, dance, and tribal music collections as well. In August 2001 I began as Resident DJ at Bayamon’s “Casita Martell” and at San Juan’s “Chateau” while still working at Music Zone. I kept on practicing and playing at private parties with even more encouragement.

In March 2004 I was invited to play at Santurce’s “KARMA”. From September through November 2004 I played at Caguas “Doble Seis” Pub. By November I was invited once again to play, this time at Condados “Moorings Pub”. By the end of 2005 I started playing on Fridays at Guayama’s “Van Gogh Chateau”. In the middle of May I became Resident DJ playing both Fridays and Saturdays. It was at this instance when I was named “The Crazy Boy“. They made me feel really comfortable, they supported all of my work and my shenanigans. At Van Gogh Chateau I provided entertainment for 80’s and 90’s parties, sharing the plates with Dj Richie “Doctor Style”, DJ Angel Martinez and DJ Pedro Zambrana. I was invited to play at Las Piedras’ Bar and Grill, at Bayamon’s Los Socios Cafe, and at San Patricio’s Sport House with my great friend DJ Rick. In February 2006 I took part at X-100’s After Hour Beats, invited by Emil Cedeño, he was the first DJ to trust me enough to put me on live FM radio.

In January 2007 I moved to Orlando Fl. From May to August 2007 I took the Control at “Miroza” playing on latin nights. In August 15, 2008 I started making mixes for partyradiousa.net and that became my new home. I was doing Friday Night House Party every Friday from 10pm to 11pm. In October 31,2014 Party Radio USA ended transmission. In January of 2014 I began working for The Beatz Radio Orlando with Jeanne Diva being the resident DJ and head Music Programer doing shows like The Lounge, Planet Retro, and now The Beatz Show. I’m thankful for this opportunity that Latin Mix Masters is giving me and I’m excited to begin this new chapter in my career.