LMM DJ Herman

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LMM DJ Herman
LMM DJ HermanLatin Mix Masters DJ
DJ HERMAN is Puerto Rico-born DJ sensation who has been a music-lover since day one. An unfortunate accident during his service in Iraq with the US Army left him with brain injuries and memory loss, but that never stopped him from living his dream.
DJ Herman started spinning soon afterwards with an unwavering determination to be one of the top DJ’s worldwide—and he’s been pursuing that goal ever since because music is his life. With the endless support from his amazing family, friends, and fellow DJ’s, there is absolutely nothing that can keep him away from his passion. DJ Herman strives to be better than he was yesterday and loves to perfect his craft daily. His warrior ethos of “I will NEVER quit” is what sets him apart from the rest. When DJ Herman starts spinning, the dancefloor inevitably gets brought to life. His motto is simple… “Let’s party!”

ON Air Radio Personality/DJ/Public Figure
For Any Event Contact (321)593-1046